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About eCig - Electronic Cigarette Pakistan

About Us ( - Electronic Cigarette Pakistan) - Pakistans only dedicated online electronic cigarette store, eCig has been in operation since March 2009. Our company, Inclusive of Electronic Cigarettes Pakistan has served thousands of customers within this short period in different areas of the global market, and we also have distributors world-wide reselling our products, Our focus with smoke is to provide an electronic alternative to tobacco that is of high quality, safe and closely resembles a conventional cigarette. With this focus in mind, we had a very successful start with our first-ever product, the " Mini Cigarette" electronic cigarette.

As technology with electronic cigarettes improved over time, all electronic cigarette products in the market began to look like cigarettes, so we dedicated ourselves in providing the best vapor and flavor. Our manufacturing center is located in Arezzo, Italy and our cost/quality is unmatched in the industry.

In early 2010 we put our effort into supplying different flavors of e-liquids or e-juice to accommodate varying necessities, tastes and demand of our customers. We made sure that each and every flavor that we selected for sale was the most superior for its size class. As with our hardware, we are proud to announce that our product is A+ Class exported all over the globe, re-branded and shipped to thousands of destinations. Our products can generate a huge amount of vapor that simply can't compare to other low-class electronic cigarettes in the market.

Our focus in 2010 is flavor, because a single tobacco flavor just isn’t enough. Our goal is to provide you with multiple selections of cartridges and e-liquids with an authentic tobacco and natural taste that you can keep coming back to us for more.

Enjoy your smoke the healthy way and with a touch of 'X' to it.

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Ecig Smart Kit
Ecig Smart Kit
Ecig E-smart is everything required by a average smoker. Same size as a Pentype with a near identicle Clear Atomizer of a Titan. Sleek design and shape allows easy carrying with good durability. The e ...
E-Liquid 10 ml
This is the best electronic cigarette till now. And now I am hope full that I will quit smoking After sales services are very good as this product. The only thing I want to change is reduced chargi...
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E-Liquid 10 ml

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