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E-Cigarette Information

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Technically these are not cigarettes; these are electronic devices that produce vapor that contains nicotine and flavor but none of the 4000 harmful chemicals in the conventional tobacco cigarettes. An electronic cigarette has three basic parts.  The inhaler or cartridge is where a user places their mouth and inhales.  This is also where the liquid that is to be converted into vapor is stored.  The atomizing device or atomizer is a heating device which heats the liquid to turn it into vapor.  The battery component houses the electricity needed to power the atomizer.  And then finally the indicator light is an LED light which lights up when a user inhales (thus simulating the same effect as smoking a real cigarette).

The electronic cigarette doesn’t burn tobacco like a traditional cigarette, but instead electronically heats up a liquid (typically stored in cartridges) which turns the liquid into a vapor, very much like steam, which then a user can inhale. This simple system has proven to be the most effective and safest way to quit smoking without any side effects.  The term “vaping” is sometimes used in placed of “smoking” when an electronic cigarette is used because technically you aren’t breathing in smoke anymore.  Normally the liquid (e-liquid) is mixed with different flavors and different levels of nicotine so when a user inhales they can still get similar feelings to traditional smoking without all the health risks associated with conventional smoking.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Yes, electronic cigarettes do not produce any of the 4000 or more toxic chemicals that an ordinary cigarette produces. It produces a fine mist, also known as a vapor from a glycerin based liquid with nicotine and permitted edible flavor. Glycerin is found in cough syrups, elixirs and expectorants, toothpaste, mouthwashes, skin care products, shaving cream, hair care products, soaps and water based personal lubricants and many other products. Nicotine is the drive behind the urge to smoke, nicotine is not a carcinogen. Scientific literature indicates that nicotine, on its own, does not promote the development of cancer in healthy tissue and has no mutagenic properties.

Electronic cigarettes are 100% safe and sure way to quit smoking. Do you know why it is not being promoted by the governments of the world? Because this revolutionary product is rapidly reducing tobacco intake by humans, governments tax the tobacco industry very heavily and makes a lot of money out of it. Diseases caused by tobacco consumption and smoking tends to generate more income for the governments. It's not entirely the government's interest; huge corporations are putting a lot of pressure and money in keeping this remarkable device away from people who they profit from. Industries such as pharmaceutical, medical, insurance and tobacco have a lot to lose if everyone starts using this excellent nicotine replacement therapy to quit their smoking habits.s

Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes in Pakistan

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