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Return Policy

At, we do our best to ensure that all the products you receive are exactly what you see in the product pictures. Please note that we do not refund if you did not quit smoking after using the products
In the event you are not completely satisfied with your cigarettes (either the product does not turn out as stated, or proven return worthy) within reasonable time, you may return them to us and get a FULL refund. (Shipping and handling costs NOT included) OR a NEW package-

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  1. eCig replacement warranty is limited to Battery, Atomizer, (central coil for eCig Mega-C) and Charger.
  2. Replacements would be free of cost which does not include shipping charges.
  3. Replacements can be done within 1 months of initial purchase.
  4. All replacement components will be dispatched after the defective components are received and tested at eCig office.
  5. Warranty will be applicable on purchase AFTER complete usage and maintenance procedures are inquired from eCig sales representative when the product is received.
  6. Damage to eCig due to usage before inquiring for usage and maintenance procedures is not entertained in warranty.
  7. The courier services are not considered to be eCig sales representatives, only the given numbers on are valid sales representatives.
  8. Failure to follow standard usage guidelines would result in dissolved warranty.
  9. Lost or stolen components are not entertained in warranty.
  10. User errors such as Screws damaged, Fall, Paint ware off, Opening any component, Aggressive Usage etc. will not be entertained in replacement warranty.
  11. Using different instruments for exploring or cleaning etc. will result in void warranty.
  12. Introducing chemicals not certified from eCig is considered user error.
  13. Reduction in performance of any component due to passage of time will not be entertained after the set time of warranty.
  14. Losing small items such as eCig mega-T battery button, or broken atomizer bridge does not validate request for replacement component.
  15. Replacement from one model of eCig to another can only be done if the request is made within 1 week of delivery received after the due amount has been submitted.
  16. eCig holds the right to refuse replacement component.
  17. No abuse policy of 2 replacement components is under effect from 01st December 2012.

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